Investment Training and Consulting Institute, Inc.

Courses Offered On-Site

Below is a list of courses ITCI currently offers on-site:

  • Advanced Derivatives for Auditors
  • Auditing Investment Activities
  • Auditing Investment and Derivative Strategies
  • Auditing the Treasury and Asset/Liability Function
  • CIDA Review Course
  • Continuous Auditing in the Treasury, Investment and Derivative Environment
  • Leading Practices in Auditing Investment and Derivatives
  • Understanding and Auditing Asset and Liability Management
  • Understanding and Auditing Asset Securitization
  • Understanding and Auditing Broker/Dealer Activities
  • Understanding and Auditing Commodity Derivative Strategies
  • Understanding and Auditing Derivative Strategies
  • Understanding and Reviewing Alternative Investments
  • Understanding Market and Credit Risk Measurements in Derivatives