Investment Training and Consulting Institute, Inc.

Online Learning Benefits

Most organizations recognize the need to train and develop their workforce as a top priority. They also wish to capitalize on technology to broaden their knowledge base. eLearning offers the advantages of:

  • Anytime/Anywhere Learning
    eLearning makes it feasible to access training on demand, at home, at the office or anywhere 24-7-365. Education is available when and where required.
  • Cost Effectiveness
    With eLearning, the money is invested in education and not in logistics or travel.
  • Flexibility
    eLearning offers the option to choose from a variety of interactive self-paced courses, and learners can take advantage of an extensive reference library.
  • Retention
    Multimedia presentation and interactivity reinforce understanding and retention of information.
  • Measurement
    With eLearning, it is possible to monitor learner’s progress, skill attainment and produce detailed usage reports and assess their levels of improvement.