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ITCI has published a study guide for the CIDA exam, which covers the subject matters of the CIDA “Body of Knowledge” as well as numerous sample questions. This guide will help CIDA candidates study for this comprehensive exam and serve as a reference for future investment and derivative audits. The comprehensive guide of over 400 pages, written by Barbara Davison, is compacted with investment and derivative auditing material. The study guide also includes over 500 pages of additional supplemental materials,articles, and case studies. Over 90 percent of the pilot group indicated on a post-survey that they could not have passed the exam without the help of the study guide.

The Study Guide includes the following volumes:

    Book One – Ten chapters covering the CIDA “Body of Knowledge”, plus six supporting appendices.

    Book Two – Over 500 pages of case studies and articles related to market events in the CIDA “Body of Knowledge.

The cost for the CIDA study guide for exam candidates is $ US 145.00 plus shipping and handling. If you would like to order the CIDA study guide but are not registering for the exam, the costs is $ US 215.00 plus S&H. The cost for the CIDA study guide for exam candidates also attending the CIDA Review Course is discounted to $50.


$ 215 US for Non-CIDA Exam Applicants

$145 US for CIDA Exam Applicants

$50 US for CIDA Exam Applicants attending the CIDA Review Course

+ Shipping and Handling

Orders: To order the CIDA Exam Study Guide, register for the CIDA exam, or enroll in the upcoming CIDA Review Course, please follow the link below.

*Shipping and Handling: Shipping and Handling is $25 for all US orders.  For international (non-US) orders, Shipping and Handling is billed at the actual shipping cost.

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