Investment Training and Consulting Institute, Inc.

Lead Audit Consultant – Rob McDonough CRP, CIDA, MBA

Rob McDonough has been a consultant and instructor for Investment Training and Consulting Institute, Inc. since 2000.

Rob started his career with the Federal Reserve System as a commercial banking and capital markets special advisor. He spent twelve years working with institutions of all sizes, including some of the largest and most complex domestic and international financial entities, evaluating their capital markets strategies and recommending risk management solutions to senior management. He was the head of a Federal Reserve System-wide committee to design, develop and deliver training for selected capital markets examiners across the country. After leaving the Federal Reserve System he joined Accenture Ltd. as a senior manager in their Financial Services practice and spent two years providing capital markets and risk management expertise for Accenture’s investment banking and e-commerce internet banking clients.

Rob is currently President and CEO of Strategic Financial Solutions, Inc. a financial services consultancy. He serves as an Executive Director of the Global Financial Markets Institute, Inc., which specializes in capital markets, derivatives and risk management consulting and training. Rob has also been an instructor for the New York Institute of Finance since 2000. He is a charter holder of the Bank Administration Institute’s Certified Risk Professional (CRP) designation and is an ITCI Certified Investments and Derivatives Auditor (CIDA). He has delivered capital markets and risk management seminars to financial institutions across the U.S. as well as in Russia, Poland, the Republic of Georgia, the Netherlands, India, Singapore, Argentina and Mexico. Rob has an MBA in Finance and Economics from Georgia State University and a BBA from Emory University in general business administration with a concentration in marketing.