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Become a CIDA

If you’ve decided to become a CIDA, you are headed in an exciting direction!  Individuals who successfully obtain and maintain the CIDA certification, are not only elevating their skills and knowledge during the vigorous exam preparation process, but also demonstrating a strong dedication to the profession.

Certification means you’ll be recognized as someone who is:

  • Serious about professional growth and personal development
  • Enthusiastic about good practices in investments and derivatives auditing
  • Dedicated to practicing your profession in an ethical manner
  • Dedicated to industry accepted practices and successful results
  • A seeker of knowledge and a problem solver
  • Associated with a highly regarded organization

You may also want to consider attending the CIDA Review course in preparation for the exam.  Although the course is not mandatory, it is an excellent opportunity to thoroughly prepare for this comprehensive exam and help to ensure a successful exam result.  The course boasts an impressive 95% pass rate for review course participants.  Just click here for more information.

It’s easy to register for the exam or enroll in the CIDA Review course using our Online Registration form.  Please be careful to complete the application accurately.  Before you complete a registration, be sure to read all of the requirements for the CIDA certification to make sure you qualify.

Click here to register for the CIDA Review Course or Exam or purchase the CIDA Study Guide